A New Beginning

Of course I wrote PooperPig by starting with the fun bit – the game engine itself.


So when you start the game it just started playing.

Then I added a menu option, so I can choose levels, and that sort of stuff.

But I just kinda shoved it in there – and it was a bit of a hack.

Then I added a spawning sound to my entities. So now when I run the game I see the menu, but hear my spawning sound – because in the background it starts then pauses the game.

So now I’m changing tack, ripping it out and replacing it with a more sensible process.

Attempt 1: Coded and hacked my way through it without thinking too much- it all worked, but there were lots of small changes all through the code. It all worked more or less, but the terrain sprites suddenly had a black background.

Couldn’t figure it out quickly, so undid most of the changes and started again – with a more methodical approach (you know, like thinking first!)

We’ll see what happens!


… Well, what happened was it went horribly wrong!

Can;t figure out how to do the simplest thing:

Start the game, show a ‘pause’ screen.

Select a level in the pause screen

play that level

Press a pause button

display the pause screen

either select a level or un-pause

I’m tired and I have a cold. That’s my excuse!

Maybe tomorrow!

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