A Git by any other name

Ages ago I used Git for PooperPig – but had some problems & went back to SVN (which I had used previously, and so was familiar with).

Well, while faffing about recently, I wanted to go back to a previous version – and found it relatively complex in SVN with the support of XCode (i.e. there’s no support for going back at all!)

For this (and a couple of other) reasons, I have decided to try Git again.

So, I’m giving BitBucket a go.

It’s free (which is a good price) and they have all sorts of other tools (for cash) that I might decide to use…

So far it’s proving relatively easy – although I am really puzzled by the fact that can’t find any .svn files in my project – I wanted to remove them before pushing my project to git!

Right now, I”m watching the file upload to Bitbucket (the BitBucket site is really helpful, lots of tutorials and stuff to help you start – so I’m just following their instructions)

What will be interesting is how XCode handles it once it’s there!

Wish me luck.

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